My name is Nick with a k. I am a city girl at heart, and my family, Jesus, the theatre, city streets, noise & twinkle lights make me happy. I wish Christmas lasted all year long because it's the one season when people are happier, love is more prevalent and hope abounds.

I love the noise of life - even in art where the colors bleed together, connecting people, places & life. It reminds me I don't want a sterile life but rather a messy one where love changes everything and everyone.

To paraphrase a great writer, as women, we can't help but be feminists. This doesn't mean we hate men or want to be them. The differences between men and women are fascinating, and, in many ways, too marvelous to discount. Celebrate the differences, just don't say we can't. If you do, we will show you how well we can.

"You can't fly if you don't jump." - Anonymous. Facing your fears and flying go hand in hand because your fears keep you from jumping. I am passionate about helping people fly. The biggest rewards are on the other side of jumping.

I've been fortunate to win a few accolades including a Frasier Bronze Medal for my romantic suspense, In Love With the Enemy, as well as being a Rattler finalist for my speculative book, Charred Wings, No More Regret (Book 1) and a finalist in the Splickety Love Flash Fiction contest for It Does Not Envy (published).