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A tomboy who could run faster than most boys, I could hold my own in the weight room and the classroom. I was strong. I was smart. I was many things, but I was definitely NOT beautiful. I can’t honestly say I ever thought or was even told I was beautiful growing up....

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Wisdom from a Third Grade Dropout

This was Dr. Rigsby's father's response to his mom's question as to why he got up so early to go to work. There is wisdom in the lessons of a third grade drop out and the son who shared them.Watch it here. (Credit: Goalcast). I don't know much about Dr. Rigsby except...

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Love Like You’re Worth It

If we could only accept love when we think we are not worthy, we would be able to give it much more freely. Love isn't earned. It's a gift. If we love like we feel we are worthy of being loved, it should be no surprise when hate wins, when love fails us and when we...

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Why Feminism

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